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Business Continuity Planning

360 Consulting Group assists clients in planning for continuation of their business in case of a disaster.  We believe that Business Continuity Planning is an essential element of every company’s strategic planning.  A comprehensive Continuity Plan is an essential part of a company’s risk management strategy. 

The approach to Disaster Recovery Planning is broader than just the technology department.  Our approach incorporates a corporate-wide business view of continuity.  Our consultants focus on continuing critical business operations following any disruptive incident.  We believe a good Business Continuity Plan addresses issues of risk and recovery across the entire organization.  These issues include but are not limited to:

  • A through Risk Assessment to identify potential threats to the business
  • Creation of an Executive Succession Plan
  • A comprehensive Business Impact Analysis that identifies:
    • a plan to mitigate the identified risks
    • the cost to the business of an outage
    • an empowered Emergency Planning group
    • guidelines for damage assessment
    • critical business functions and their order of importance
    • the critical systems to be restored and their priority of restoration
    • what business units or processes DO NOT need to be restored
    • the timeframe for restoring critical processes
    • a timeline for full restoration of all business functions
  • Creation and maintenance of a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan
  • Crisis Communications Planning - The Right Message at the Right Time
  • Plans for testing and maintaining the Business Continuity Plan
  • Plans for educating employees on the essentials of Business Continuity